Friday, September 29, 2006

This week in the new Roman Empire

And what a week it was ...
  • a psycho held high school kids in Colorado hostage, molested several, then killed one followed by himself.

  • 2 Catholic priests in Broward County, Florida were nailed for embezzling around 8 million dollars from their churches' offerings over many years. The funds were used for real estate speculation, gambling and girlfriends, among other things.

  • Conservative six-term Republican Rep. Mark Foley of West Palm Beach, Florida will resign from the U.S. Congress following allegations he sent inappropriate e-mails to a 16-year-old male congressional intern. Evidence of his secret life as a pedophile continues to surface.

  • The U.S. Senate passed "The Military Commissions Act of 2006," AKA "the detainee bill" that gives the Bush administration broad latitude in regard to the detainment and interrogation of so-called "enemy combatants," including avoidance of the statutes of that pesky Geneva Convention. It was earlier approved by the House, and will soon receive the president's signature. The bill also makes it next-to-impossible for any member of the Bush administration to be brought before the World Court on charges of war crimes. My senator, Bill Nelson D-FL, was one of 12 Dems who voted "Yes."

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