Sunday, September 24, 2006


His name is John Bryant. He lives in St. Petersburg, FL on the left coast of Florida, which, despite its polarity, is anything but in its political orientation. The entire west coast of the Florida Peninsula has much more in common with the Sunshine State zeitgeist (read "southern") - conservative to reactionary politics, a roiling underbelly of intolerance, Christian cultural dominance - in contrast to the southeast coast of the state and the occasional enclaves of progressiveness such as Gainesville. He calls himself "Birdman" and seems inordinately fond of pigeons. In an obviously self-penned Wikipedia bio, which has since been pulled from that site (the link leads to an archive at J"B"B's own) he notes his previous membership in Mensa. Apparently they threw him out as well. Birdman Bryant is, among other things, a white supremicist, a virulent anti-Semite, and a self-proclaimed libertarian (that all encompassing umbrella for nihilists of all stripes). He has written something like 40 pamphlets, each a veritable mini-"Protocols of the Elders of Zion," which I am sure he believes to be God's truth (if he weren't an atheist). According to Mr. Bryant, his web site receives 32 million hits a month (not quite - go to Alexa and see for yourself. Note the rapidly declining numbers). He has appointed himself the "world's most controversial author" and his site "the world's only website of Real Free Speech and the Internet's premier website of Actonite Libertarianism and White Liberation" (his html skills leave something to be desired, however).

That an individual of seemingly above average intelligence (and - dare I say - some idiosyncratic charm) could be so d
eluded is kind of shocking at first. Like the best of bigots, the excrement in which he trades he purports to derive from some Olympian height above mere hate.

Mr. Bryant is roundly ignored by most except for the execrable minions who share his vile dialectic. Most of them are of the drooling sort, to whom the Birdman, no doubt, has an otherworldly, hemi-diety sort of appeal. This may account for his dabbles in porn and scatology. There are two web sites worth visiting where the Birdman's guano has been confronted. The first, by Tim Wise (left) is an exchange that developed over an article by Mr. Wise called "Color Conscious, White Blind" to which Mr. Bryant replied.
The second is much more personal. Michael Adams is a St. Louis resident who climbed out of an angry, hateful youth mired in white nationalism and to whom Birdman became something of a hero. Then he grew up. Michael, I take my hat off to you.

Finally, just to put in all in perspective, here is an Alexa plot of Mr. Bryant's website traffic for the last 3 months compared to that of the

Yeah, that's the Birdman in blue, hugging the bottom, where his ilk usually feed. 'Nuff said.

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