Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Support from Iraq Combat Veterans Continues to Mount for Lt. Ehren Watada

On August 17, U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren Watada will face a pre-trial hearing for refusing to deploy to Iraq. “It is my conclusion as an officer of the armed forces that the war in Iraq is not only morally wrong but a horrible breach of American law. The war and what we’re doing over there is illegal,” explained the first military officer to publicly take such a stand.As supporters internationally gear up for the "National Day of Education" on Aug 16 to ask the question "Is the Iraq War Illegal?," support from Iraq combat veterans continues to mount for Lt. Ehren Watada.

Below are just a few statements of support from the many that the "Friends and Family of Lt. Watada" have received.

Cloy Richards, US Marine Iraq War infantry/artillery
"Lt. Watada, along with every other service member who has the courage to stand up and say no to this illegal war are MY WAR HEROES. Thank you Lt. Watada for standing up for me and every veteran. I admire your courage and patriotism. I wish I was brave enough to stand up and say no when it really counted. Instead I said OK and went along with the lies I was told."
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Clifton Hicks, US Army Iraq War tanker
"You've done something to be proud of man, you're setting an excellent example for every soldier in the armed forces. History will prove that you were right."
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Chad Hetman, Captain, US Army infantry
"Hopefully this officer will set an example for other officers to follow...This is what courage and ethics looks like."
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Garett Reppenhagen, US Army Iraq War sniper
"Thank you Lt. Watada. I was a sniper in the 1st Infantry Division and spent one year at FOB Scunion in Baquaba Iraq. I went to war believing that I had an obligation to my country because I signed a contract and gave an oath that I would be the weapon of my democracy. After my experience in combat I firmly believe that,that social contract has been broken."
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