Monday, August 14, 2006

'fess up, Rush, you pigdog

This item is a leftover from summer vacation. Yeah, its old news, but why did you only see the obvious conclusions drawn in the blogosphere?

The Dominican Republic has become something of a mecca for sex tourism according to several articles I've read recently (one, two, three. four).

I suddenly remembered that iconic, drugged-out, loud-mouthed Rush Limbaugh had been arrested this summer for possession of Viagra without a prescription while disembarking from a plane returning from ... you guessed it ... the Dominican Republic (one, two, three, four).

Connect the dots, people. That this creep has any remaining credibility with his dittohead legions is even more proof positive that they are all a pack of drooling morons.

BTW, here is a video of Robin Williams' hilarious take on the incident (sorry, it's from a right wing blog, but the link should take you right to the clip).

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