Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot enough for you?

This map comes from the July 2nd-28th Economist. Meanwhile, record high temperatures scald the northeast and midwest.

All of which reminds me of a prophetic and hallucinatory novel by Ted Mooney calledTraffic And Laughter in which fires burn uncontrollably in Los Angeles while people succumb to what is called (but never explained) "information disease."

And our Nero in DC is forevermore the perplexed deer caught in the headlights of circumstance and failure, finally his place in history assured. I can only wish on him many years of horrible dreams, to wake up screaming night after night, "the blood, the blood, so much blood."

What heights of illogic are reachable by the unrecovered alcoholic who finds a paper Christ that can wipe away his tears? That in bringing upon the world some form of apocalypse, "thy will be done, my lord?"

Back to a global climate in crisis. In the book,
Divine Destruction: Dominion Theology and American Environmental Policy (Melville Manifestos), Stephanie Hendricks documents the influence of the Dominion Theologists on this administration's environmental policy. These far-right wackos believe that eco-destruction will hasten the second coming of Jesus. And, according to this book, officials within the Bush administration claim the Kyoto Accord on climate change was not signed by this president because it was "against God's prophecies."

Well, I'll sleep better at night, won't you? Oh, and could you turn the thermostat down, please? It's awfully hot in here.

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