Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mad Max

OK, those of you (relatively) frequent visitors know that I don't stoop to this kind of item too often, but this guy has been such a pomous ass long enough that it's about time he got his comeupance.

Or maybe I should just say "F**kin' Aussies!"

But absolution is at hand.


Jason Coleman said...

Jeez Grif, you can't even get this right.

Before you go off on "fucking Aussies", perhaps you should find out for yourself whether Mel Gibson is Australian.

HINT: He's not, and never has been.

I'd comment on more things, like your decrying a "plan" by the government to do this or that. Of course you'll never admit to yourself that the government "PLANS" all sorts of things, it's what any good organization does.

So I figure I'll just point out something that you simply will have to agree with, because the facts are overwhelmingly against you.

Serious Grif, get a grip and check your facts before you go condemning a nation of people. But then condemnation comes easy to you doesn't it.

You don't honestly think Lamont has a chance in hell do you? You're in for another serious upset on that call.


griffinia said...

Yup, you're right, I should have said "F**kin' Aussie American expatriates and I apologize to all of my genuine Aussie colleagues and friends. Ozzie ozzie ozzie ozzie!

Lighten up there, Jason.