Saturday, March 11, 2006

Loose Change

Until I watched this film by Dylan Avery, I dimissed all 9/11 conspiracy theorists as crackpot paranoids, even though my consciousness was infected by some of the odds and ends of that horrific day that didn't add up. Now, I am no longer so smug. If what this film purports is indeed the truth, then we are in far more serious trouble than any of us would ever have guessed.

Here is a link that will allow you to watch the film via Google video:

Here's another one:

Here is the "official site" where you can purchase it on DVD:

I understand that you can download it via BitTorrent as well.

While I am not yet a "true believer," the methodical thoroughness of this film's arguments has left me unsettled. And I already know just how far the unbridled arrogance of the neoconservative ideologues can extend. I challenge you to watch this film, and if you too are shaken to the bone about what it has to say, send the link to 10 friends of your own, with either this or your own personal comments.

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