Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The contempt of the corporate fascists

Does anyone remember what was the original name of "Operation Iraqi Freedom," the oh-so-noble title for invading a sovereign state - albeit a dictatorial one (afterall, we are choosy about the dictators that we tolerate, and for how long we tolerate them) - that posed no threat to the security of the United States?


Get it? This must have been triple-chinned Karl Rove's idea of a good joke. But do you really see what it tells us? Namely, how, in their arrogance, the Bushites would deign to put the truth right in front of our faces even while they lied through both sides of their mouths, assured that the acronym would never infiltrate our consumption-addled attention spans.

Maybe they were right.

Operation Iraqi Liberation:The Name that Didn't Make the Cut

Senator Jim Bunning, Kentucky's pearl, actually used it in this column

Washington Post (scroll down past Kerry pizza fluff piece)

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