Saturday, January 14, 2006

Why we will get fooled again

So, after passing the I-dunno-how-many-at-this-point huge black Hummer with a bulemic soccer mom behind the wheel on my way home from work (this is a very ubiquitous phenomenon in my neck of the woods), I Googled "Are Americans stupid," and thought I'd share some of the best fruits of my labors:
Why Americans Are So Stupid
Not All American Are Stupid
Stupid Evil Bastard
Are Americans Stupid (Or Does It Just Seem That Way?)
Are Americans Stupid?
Americans Stupid? Media to Blame?
Most Americans Are Stupid
Why Europeans Find Americans Stupid
Americans Are Dumb
Are Americans Afraid, Stupid or Preoccupied?
Incredibly Ignorant Americans Caught On Tape This one is my personal favorite!
59 Million Stupid Americans
Americans: Stupid And Militant

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