Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Murtha's words or Ed Schultz, you are just plain wrong

Ed Schultz, one of the few progressive talk show hosts not affiliated with Air America, was railing this afternoon about Congressman John Murtha's comments concerning whether he would serve in the military today (Murtha said "no."). Murtha, remember, is a 37 year Marine Corps veteran who served with distinction in Vietnam and retired a Colonel. Ed, who has never served in the military, seemed to be stuck in a groove, and couldn't even see the reason in the words of military veterans calling in who argued that, in addition to being honest, Murtha was saying that you cannot separate the mission from the missionary anymore. Bad policy, no service. Ed feels that Murtha went too far, but couldn't seem to articulate a succinct reason why without getting shrill and defensive. I have to sadly agree with one caller who suggested that the right wing media pundits are going to have a field day with Schultz's obstinate denunciation of Murtha's comment. Ultimately, Ed will have done as much to damage the progressive cause as he accuses Murtha of doing.

Ed, you're an upstanding guy and I love your show, but can't you see what the man was really saying? He is saying that to sign up now is to volunteer to be cannon fodder for a failed policy tainted by myriad illegalities and promulgated by a dimwit alcoholic with a Napoleon complex. O.K., well, I'm saying that - but I think that this is the sentiment behind Murtha the Warrior's words. Murtha has earned the right to call it as he sees it, and as caller Ralph (also a vet) tried to tell you yesterday, try and rise above your kneejerk reaction and understand what the Congressman from Pennsylvania was REALLY saying.

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