Monday, January 23, 2006

We did get fooled again

I no longer doubt that the second term of George W. Bush, de facto President of the United States, was obtained via larceny. The evidence is just too over-whelming that the results of the 2004 election were manipulated to give the Republican candidate the slim majority that he clearly did not have in 2000 (I mean, 2 elections in a row settled by the Supreme Court? We couldn't let that happen!). Sadly, a large minority of the citizenry in this country were content to allow this coup d'etat another 4 years of reshaping the world in its narrow vision of corporate ownership and profit through war, seasoned with a healthy dose of fundamentalist Christianity, as long as they can fill their living rooms with 52" plasma TV's and their garages with SUVs.

So why do I bring this up yet again? Because it appears that Mark Crispin Miller's book "Fooled Again," despite having been in Amazon's 292nd place for sales the other day, hasn't received much media exposure or reviews. Read about it here. And then just write me off as another paranoid lefty who hates America while you watch "American Idol" on that bigscreen box.

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