Friday, March 02, 2007

The right wing attention to detail

The latest wingnut website to appear on the scene is This media-rich site purposts to be the Internet's version of the Comedy Channel's "Daily Show," albeit with a lurch to the right. The home page consist of about a dozen video streams, at least half of which make fun of Hillary Clinton. At least one features the slim, trim blonde spokeswoman for "MoveAmerica Forward" another right wing organization heavy into cheerleading the Bush/Cheney agenda under the guise of "supporting the troops." Others feature an African-American MC, in order to scream "we're not racist, see?" at the target audience whom I figure are a panoply of Rush and Howard listeners and Maxim readers.

Here's a description from UPI:

A Burbank, Calif.-based, self-described
"politically incorrect comedy network" launched Tuesday with comedy, games, networking and user-generated video.

Now in a beta test, the nine-channel is a media company funded by private equity, founder Lex Troxler said in a news release.

Troxler developed and launched after he said he noticed other sites censoring posters they didn't care for politically.

"There ought to be a place for people who make no apologies politically, and enjoy comedy that pulls no punches," he said.

Some of the video shorts included "Border Bloopers" and "Feed the Supermodels."'s development team includes Troxler, a high tech entrepreneur and producer of "FahrenHYPE 9/11"; Gabe Abelson, a one-time comedy writer for late-night hosts Jay Leno and David Letterman, and Floyd Brown, former executive director of Young America's Foundation.

Anyway, back to the right wing attention detail. On a previous post of mine, I have received two comments from (I presume) employees of, probably because they are big sponsors of the pro-war demonstration in DC on March 17, whose website I referenced. The first said:

"It’s time to move america forward, good luck to all the pro-troop caravans, check out what OURcountry is doing to help support our troops!"

To which I replied with a long, healthy blast of anti-Bush fervor. Lo and behold, I get ANOTHER comment from OurCountry:

"Would you like to run a link exchange? we can link you from both our main site ( as well as our blog ( We can give you a custom banner, or just a regular text link. If you'd like to discuss please feel free to email me.
Bo -"

I guess they didn't bother to read my blog.

As far as the whole concept of conservative humor goes, Jay Derveth on the Hindsight Factor said it best:

"Decades ago, a conservative believed in small government and fiscal responsibility, eschewed social engineering and interventionist nation building, and while their methods may have differed, in most ways they shared the same long-term goals as the rest of us. Today, a conservative is a bitter, overweight drug addict who publicly ridicules the sick and disabled. A conservative is a woman bloated with ambition who lies to congress in order to drag our country deeper into conflict. A conservative is a dangerous fascist seeking to create a list of women who have had abortions. A conservative is an armed xenophobic vigilante who has taken it upon himself to guard against illegal immigrants. And a conservative is a dark, soulless coward who publicly condones waterboarding from the most respected office in the country.

"Is it fair that these people now define conservativism? Not by a long shot. Is it a double-standard? Maybe. But it’s true. Conservatives sold out their ideals to the most sensationalist elements and these new conservatives (and so-called neoconservatives) have ushered us into an uglier world. No matter how much they try, how badly they may want it, these things will never be funny. They aren’t even in the same ballpark as funny. In fact, they are so far outside that they are starting to wonder if the ballpark ever really existed."

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