Friday, March 02, 2007

A Gathering of Kool Aid Drinkers, part 2

Maybe I'm a masochist, but I've been monitoring this web site ( - no, I refuse to dignify it with a hyper-link; you can find it if you want), which is one of the organizations behind the counter demonstration (they call themselves "pro troops" but I call them "pro war") planned for March 17 in DC. The level of invective in some of the comments left on this site is incredible and somewhat alarming. Dissenters are routinely called the most scurrilous names, and their webmaster even deleted a recent comment that actually had some facts in it about just how well the Bush administration "supports the troops" (we don't want the facts to get in the way of blind allegiance to a right wing agenda, do we?). I was so impressed by that comment that I copied it, before the wingnut commandos eliminated it from their web site. I reprint it here in its entirety:

"The right-wing spin machine is in full force, trying to convince America that a Democratic plan to prevent deployment of troops into the middle of a civil war without sufficient equipment and training is equivalent to 'not supporting the troops.' This is absolute nonsense. It is, in fact, the Republican Bush administration and their former lapdog Congress who have repeatedly sent our armed forces into conflict inadequately equipped and under-prepared. Our military has been broken by Bush's military adventure in Iraq, and the right wing propaganda machine refuses to face the facts: 1) Service members in Iraq and Afghanistan have experienced shortages of force-protection equipment, including up-armored vehicles, electronic countermeasure devices, crew-served weapons and communications equipment (American Forces Press Service, February 15, 2007), 2) the military has been borrowing gear from units stationed in the United States, reducing their ability to respond in case of other military threats around the world (San Francisco Chronicle, February 4, 2007), 3) two army brigades heading to Iraq due to the escalation are skipping their counterinsurgency training session at the Army's premier training range (San Francisco Chronicle, February 4, 2007), and 4) the Arkansas National Guard's 39th Brigade Combat Team, scheduled to return to Iraq next year, is 600 rifles short for its 3,500 soldiers (NY Times, February 22, 2007). Meanwhile, we at home have to read about how GIs recovering from injuries suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan at the Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital, a mere five miles from the White House, were found living in rooms infested with mold, soiled carpet and cockroaches (Washington Post, February 18, 2007). Who indeed 'supports the troops?' It is clear that the Bush administration only supports our brave men and women as cannon fodder for their failed policies, and little else."

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