Thursday, January 11, 2007


It was back in September 2006 that I made note of the oh so very coincidental drop in oil prices as we neared the mid term elections. Of course, even in a nation that has turned brain-deadedness into a fine art, I was not the only one. Josh Holland, our intrepid blogger at Alternet notes:

Now that we have the average gas prices for the final week of 2006 it's official: the lowest prices of the year came during the week of the midterms.

More specifically, in the thirteen short weeks between the year's high of $3.083 per gallon -- during the week of August 8 -- and Election Day, average gas prices dropped by almost 80 cents per gallon -- 26 percent -- and then they did a one-eighty the very next week and crept back up in all but one of the six weeks that followed that. Altogether they rose 14.1 cents, or a bit more than 6 percent, after the election.

Coincidence? Well I've got this bridge, in good shape …

PS: I'd refer you to a previous post for background, but actually it's Gandhi who has it covered like white on rice, linking not only to my humble offering but also to a trove of other goodies on the topic from around the intertubes.

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