Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How many mainstream media reporters does it take to count demonstrators?

None. They just publish counts by "unnamed police sources." Thus the NY Times can claim that there were "tens of thousands" of war and Bush protestors in DC on Jan. 27th, when in fact there were 100's of thousands, perhaps as many as a half million.

Remarkably, with the change in Congress, the MSM seemed more willing to give coverage to the event than previous Iraq war protests, though the wingnut brigades tried their best to make light or demonize the demonstrators.

Quote of the day from Bob Herbert, NY Times columnist
"You can say what you want about the people opposed to this wretched war in Iraq, try to stereotype them any way you can. But you couldn’t walk among them for more than a few minutes on Saturday without realizing that they love their country as much as anyone ever has. They love it enough to try to save it."

Some snippets of democracy in action:

Meanwhile, the Bush Imperium as directed by Darth Cheney continues its war on same (democracy, that is). But that's fodder for another post ...

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