Friday, February 03, 2006

State of confusion or state of delusion?

Awright, I know I haven't weighed in the Shrub's state of the union address (not that anyone is holding their breath), but, well ... been busy. Mostly I thought it was hilarious, despite the ever-increasing tinge of unreality as the minutes droned on. I mean, we've been hearing much the same horse dooky for the past four years. First, let me direct you to ThinkProgress's great rundown on the unstable fabric of truth that George weaves with the same ease with which Uri Geller used to bend spoons. I couldn't purport to a better job than that. The highpoint for me? Here it is:

courtesy of M.E. Cohen/

Now, that statement REALLY had the force of conviction! Will Bunch at Attytood even put some new lyrics to the late Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love." And then check out some of the Bushaholics' comments below the song! As if there was anything substantial in that statement from the man whose VP forged energy policy behind closed doors with the oil industry, whose energy bill gave so many subsidies and tax abatements to Big Oil that their windfall profits will become a new paradigm of corporate welfare.

Now, if 52 minutes of "Stay the course" left you feeling a little depressed, take a look at this "alternative" state of the union address. It's a little dated, but no more than the real thing delivered earlier this week.

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