Friday, February 17, 2006


Some not-so-random quotes from the President's appearance in Florida to raise money for his party (no doubt paid for by you and me).

"You'll hear them say in Washington, well, we need to balance the budget. And they're right. But then they say, we're going to raise the taxes to balance the budget. I just want to warn you that that's not the way Washington works. It may sound good in the newspapers, but Washington works this way -- if you give them more money they will spend it."

"A tax increase, raising your taxes will mean there is more money to spend in Washington, and this economy isn't going to grow as strong. No, the way to balance the budget is keep pro-growth economic policies in place and be wise about how we spend your money."

"We're getting some things done. One of the commitments this federal government has made is to take care of the elderly. And when we go to Washington, D.C. and the commitment is to take care of the elderly, it seems like to me, we want to make sure we do it in a way that is modern. So we reformed Medicare. And today, seniors are getting modern medicine, thanks to the Republican Party."

"And that's what this Republican Party stands for. This Republican Party stands for leadership based upon sound principles."

I think these fictive sound bites speak for themselves. Delivered, as usual, with only the faithful allowed in to bask in the vacant presence of this charlatan. I can't even tell anymore if the fool believes this tripe or not. The sheep that glowed with adulation in Orlando sure did. This is not my president. At what point will this no longer be my country?

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