Saturday, October 01, 2005

Planetary enemy # 1

Congressman Richard Pombo, R-CA

This guy represents the total and complete unraveling of every environmental safeguard that been put in place in this country in the last 40 years. When House Republicans announced their decision to pass over moderate New Jersey rep James Saxton and make Pombo chair of the House Resources Committee, property rights groups were ecstatic. "He has been there for us time and time again," said the American Land Rights Association. "This is great news," said a leading off-road-vehicles advocate. Having succeeding in eviscerating the endangered Species Act in the House (let's hope the Senate comes to their senses) he is now trying to get offshore oil rigs everywhere in the Gulf coast that Big Oil wants to drill. Here's his web site: Send him and email and tell him what you think. We need to find the indictable skeletons in this bozo's closet and send him packing. What is it with you Californians?

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