Saturday, October 09, 2010

The politics of delusion

As any of you who have found yourself at this blog more than once, I count myself unapologetically among the small army of Todd Rundgren cultists. So I was rather surprised when I chanced upon a tribute to Todd R. on a right wing blog site that canonized The Gipper himself, yes, the original bag man of the New Robber Baron era, Ron Reagan. Of course said blogger's tribute doted on Todd's 70's era (the apotheosis of his true hero's golden era).

As you may know, I am no Reagan fan. So, cantankerous liberal that I am, I posted a dissent (no screed, no profanity, just good clean dissent about the
true legacy of ol' avuncular Ron).

Of course, my post was gone within minutes. So I posted again. Poof - censored again.

So there you have it. In my experience, it is only right wing bloggers who expunge all dissenting comments from their posts. And that, my friends, is truly their version of democracy.

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