Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Sarah moment

That Sarah Palin has even an iota of momentum as a candidate for ANYTHING at once astounds, saddens and frightens me. Sure, I know that a resounding majority of voting age Americans find the thought of President Palin ridiculous, but that tea-bagging 25-30% (all armed to the teeth) who think she is some sort of "breath of fresh air;" how fucking stupid can they be? Every now and again, the real vacuum at the heart (and mind) of Barbie the Fascist reveals itself. Watch below as Ms. Palin interacts with one of her former constituents who actually thinks. Kathleen Gustafson placed a sign near a Palin rally in Alaska that said "Worst Governor Ever."

Isn't it amazing how the how the wingnuts invoke the "constitution" all the time, as if they have ever read the document? Did you notice Palin's reaction when her critic revealed that she was a teacher? That speaks volumes about the America people like Palin envision.

Oh, and by the way - the sign was torn down by one of Plain's entourage. So much for the constitution.

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