Friday, October 12, 2007

This is your moment, Al Gore

First of all, congratulations Mr. Gore, for the global recognition of your leadership in the form of the Nobel Peace Prize. Now, more than ever, an America (and world) in the shackles of the worst executive administration in history needs a President with vision, morals, and a belief in positive change. Now, more than ever, we need an Al Gore presidency. Declare your candidacy, and I (and millions of others) will work tirelessly to make it happen in our communities.

To the naysayers in the progressive community who cite the mistakes made in 2000 (e.g., VP Lieberman, for one), the sad fact is that at that time, a candidate had no choice but to play politics with the Dem leadership of that time who were empowered by Bill's 2 terms (and most of whom have lined up with Hillary). Howard Dean has transformed the structure of the Democratic Party - the grass roots can and will make the difference. I believe that a candidate Gore would not make those blunders again.

And lastly, to the character assassins of the far right, the Rush and Coulter zombies, the brain-shrunken sycophants of the Darth Vader presidency, the chicken hawk warmongers, I merely say, in the only language that you seem to understand (based on your Internet ravings): FUCK YOU!

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